Your donation is your least expensive protection!

Most insurance providers do not cover your emergency ambulance service. That's where we come in!


About The Program

Any of the residents in our service  area (see "about" link for list of townships we cover) are able to donate at one of the three levels we offer should they ever call 911 and need us to respond to a medical emergency. 

Where does my money go?

The money generated with our donor program will be used to offset rising operation costs and to purchase state of the art equipment that assists with life saving efforts. ​

Is my payment tax deductible?

Yes, Citizens Ambulance is a 501(c)3 and a non-profit dedicated to specifically the community in which is serves. You can even use your family's Health Savings Account for your donation!

What do I get with my donation?

1. Unlimited emergency calls

2. Citizens Ambulance will bill your insurance for each call. If you do not have insurance or should your insurance not cover entire amount of your bill from us, we consider your donation payment in full!

What level should I donate at?


$75 Bronze Level Donor Basic Membership: Emergency calls as described in above

$125 Silver Level Donor Bronze benefits plus: A free community class (i.e. CPR, First Aid, Choking, EpiPen, or Stop the Bleed Training)

Note: The additional contribution is marked for the CAS training and equipment fund.

$200 Gold Level Donor Silver benefits plus: A FREE first aid kit for your home or vehicle


Note: Gold donors may choose to donate the first aid kit back to

Citizens Ambulance to distribute to a local community organization in need.

See Your Savings

Non Donor Cost

Advanced Life Support         $800

Basic Life Support                  $650

Treatment w/o Transport      $200


Mileage @                                $14.00/mile

Citizen's Ambulance Donor Cost

Advanced Life Support         $0

Basic Life Support                  $0

Treatment w/o Transport      $0


Mileage @                                $0/mile