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Business Membership

First and foremost, we want to thank you for your continued support to Citizens Ambulance Service. Without your loyalty and support, we would not be able to continuously provide our community with valuable emergency medical care that we currently provide.


As you may be aware, we offer a donor drive membership program to not only the residents of our service area but the businesses as well. This year we have decided to implement a change to the business side of our Donor Drive program. Your business and employees working can still be covered, however this program is now broken down into different categories based on the number of employees you have at the time of beginning your membership.


Additionally, your membership will now include an advertisement of your business in our Quarterly Newsletter as well as an article showing the support of one of our monthly continuing education training sessions.


Local Businesses can now sign up at the following rates!
1-10 Employees - $250        11-20 Employees - $350    21-50 Employees - $550
51-99 Employees - $750    100+ Employees - $900


The money generated with our donor program will be used to offset rising operation costs and to purchase state of the art equipment that assists with life saving efforts. ​With this membership you can also offer this benefit to your employees in the event they have a medical emergency while at work and the employee will have the security knowing they will have no out of pocket expenses for the transport.

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