April & May Coloring Contest

As part of our quarterly newsletter, Citizens Ambulance will be hosting a Coloring Contest for Children Ages 2-5 and 6-10 during the months of April and May. 1st Place Winners in each age group will win a free medium pizza from East of Chicago. 2nd & 3rd Place Winners will each receive a Gift Card to the Wakeman Subway.


All Submissions must be entered by May 31st and must contain Name, address, and phone number on the back of the submission. If you are submitting via email, please place those details on the message of the email.


Winners will be selected by the Citizens Ambulance Board of Directors


Submissions must be done on an 8 1/2 by 11-inch size piece of paper


Submissions may be dropped off at the Wakeman East of Chicago or emailed to


Citizens Ambulance Service is asking all submission for the 2-5 age group to use the picture outline below and have the child color in the photo on their own. To download, Right Click the Photo and click "Save image as" then save to your desktop.





















As for the 6-10 age group, they are to create their own picture which MUST include and Ambulance and at least TWO people.

0-5n ambulance.jpg